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Computerized Bio-Resonance Screening (CBRS)

Computerized Bio-Resonance Screening in Fond du Lac

What is CBRS?

It’s what’s called a type of ‘Bio-Feedback’ testing designed to obtain a lot of detailed information about the patient’s health or specfic health concerns from the patient’s own body.

How does CBRS work?

It’s basically like a conversation between a patient’s body and a computer. Information is presented electronically to the patient from a computer. The body reacts to the information it receives and the reaction is measured, like a lie-detector test.  It doesn’t hurt and is non-invasive. It can’t be used to diagnose but can provide the patient with information they can’t get any other way.

CBRS is very similar to biofeedback and works in two major ways; in determining specific areas of energetic stress within and throughout the body, and in determining interference factors and specific therapeutic needs associated with these areas of stress through a type of presentation & reaction survey.

In determining specific areas of stress within the body, energetic measurements may be taken at various acupuncture points. According to Oriental and European Medical research, acupuncture points are related to the body’s organs and organ systems. The computer then measures the degree of electrical resistance at these acupuncture points. These measurements indicate a state of balance or disturbance (stress) at the area of localization and can be interpreted as an energetic indication of the health of the area being tested. Only points on the right hand are utilized for measurement and there is no piercing of the skin, no discomfort and no electrical impulses are felt during the testing.

In determining specific factors of interference (‘road-blocks’ to healthy function), along with therapeutic needs associated with these areas of stress, electronic information from a computer database is presented to the body in the form of digital frequency signals through a hand-held electrode. An electrical reaction from the body to this information is then measured in the form of electrical resistance along an acupuncture meridian. Again, the computer measures the resistance, only this time indicating a compatibility or incompatibility between the body and the information signals. This can be likened to obtaining information from the body by presenting informational ‘queries’ and then receiving a body-response or ‘answer’ to those queries. In very little time, large amounts of information can be processed in this fashion due to a computer-assisted process of elimination.

CBRS is perhaps the most efficient means available for obtaining information from the body concerning its health and balance through a type of biofeedback testing.

What is the goal of CBRS?

With CBRS we speak in terms of ‘determining energetic stress’ within the body namely because the acupoint measurements are measurements of energy, the computer presentation to the body is given in energetic or frequency form, and the body’s reaction to the computerized presentation is also disclosed in energetic form. In other words, we are relying on an intangible intelligence of the individual body to react appropriately to computer-generated stimuli and to express this reaction in the form of varying degrees of measurable energetic output. This energetic output is measured at various acupuncture points. It is the intangible nature of this testing method with some experienced interpretation that makes this method ethically and realistically incapable of indicating a standard ‘diagnosis’. It is however very capable of producing vast amounts of applicable and usable information to the patient that they can choose to consider in their decision making process.

It is of most importance to note, however, that diagnosis and treatment of a ‘disease’ or ‘condition’ is not the goal of CBRS. The goal of CBRS, according to true Naturopathic principle (non-invasive natural health), is to approach the body as a whole, integrated system of parts that are inter-related and dependent on each other, to recognize it as an intelligent system that is always trying to attain balance and health (usually in spite of what we do to it), and to determine through its energetic properties what it needs in order to attain this inherent goal of health. In this model of health and through this method of testing, the true healer is the body, and we, in our observations, choices and actions, are merely enabling or optimizing its perfect design.


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